Here's one I made earlier...

Way back before Pinterest was even a twinkle of glitter in its maker's eye, we had The Blue Peter Make, Cook & Look Book. In this classic 1978 cornucopia of cardboard and plastic bottle creations, the pinnacle of do-it-yourself Christmas; the Blue Peter advent crown. With a difficulty rating of ten and probably the most cursed at Blue Peter item ever constructed, John Noakes is shown gingerly lighting the fourth candle on this most iconic of festive fire-hazards.

So let's go retro, unbuckle our seat belts, introduce the cheese to the pineapple, dig out the wire coat hangers and tinsel, and in all probability, burn the house down. We've missed the four advent Sundays but it's not too late to have it ready for Christmas Eve when we attempt to light all four candles before the whole thing flops in on itself and drops to the floor. And when you're done, why not construct a bedsitter for Sindy? I know I did, back in the day, and no doubt worth millions now.